Jerome Sauvage Photo

City. Black and white. Movement and stillness. People pass by but the rest remains. 

All pictures taken by me. New York, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Finland...
Summer, Winter. Day, night. Short bursts, long exposures. Black and white mostly but some color too.

Paris - 2019
View of the Eiffel Tower from the Palais de Chaillot and Trocadero. Iphone shot, long exposure shot with a tripod. It took me a long time to get in the right spot, in the middle of a throng of tourists taking selfies, but it was definitely worth it.

Paris - 2020
Early morning November mist above the drone river.
Shot taken from the Pont Neuf looking west across the Pont des Arts. 

Paris - 2020
Social distancing in the time of Covid. Just loved the light and the scene, could not help it and took the picture. 

Mauritius - 2020
A very small plane. The turquoise water of the Mauritius lagoon. And a small boat on its way back to port. 

Étretat - 2020
The sea. Was sitting on a bench, watching the sea and waiting for the golden hour, and I just had to look to realize that this was great geometry. 

Étretat - 2020
The “Aiguille Creuse” (hollow needle) in Étretat, Normandy, backlit by the October sunset.

Tokyo - 2020
The Tokyo Tower at dawn.